Your Monthly Membership Details

your monthly membership of $97 includes...

Access to the following each month:

  • A series of warm up and cool down exercises.
  • A new customized step-by-step virtual full-body workout.
  • A daily habit plan personalized to your unique health and nutrition goals.
  • Any additional training and/or mobility step-by-step training videos as recommended by your coach.
  • Monthly live virtual group fitness classes on Zoom.
  • Direct access to your coach and community for additional guidance and support.

Your VIP coaching upgrade membership includes everything in the standard membership plus, one private coaching session with Coach Mindy each month (on Zoom) to dive deeper and take you further in your health, fitness, and wellness!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy equipment?

Nope. While you do not need to buy any special fitness equipment or tools to get started, I recommend having full size resistance bands and mini loop bands. Both are versatile, affordable, and portable! Common household items, such as a chair, stool, stair and water jugs can be used to support your workout routine. I've created a list of affordable recommendations here.

What if I'm new to fitness or recovering from an injury?

No problem! One of my specialties is injury prevention and rehabilitation as I worked in physical therapy clinics as a trainer for several years. When you enroll, there will be a place for you to note any mobility or fitness concerns and your workout plan will then include any appropriate modifications based on those needs and/or goals.

How do I cancel?

Click here to view our cancellation policy.

Can I see some sample workouts?

Sure thing! Check out this clip of some of our member's favorite exercises.

Is this membership just for at-home workouts?

No way! The Online Fitness Club hosts over 1,500 step-by-step virtual exercises with more being added regularly. Videos include basic movements from bodyweight exercises to more complex full gym workouts. Some of our members have access to a few fitness tools, others have all sorts of fitness equipment, and some have gym memberships. Your program is tailored uniquely to you, considering your lifestyle, how and where workouts work best for you.

I'm so busy! I'm not sure if I can do this.

The truth is there is never going to be more time in the day and if you're waiting for the 'perfect time' you'll always have a reason not to start. If you want to live healthy, strong, and fit you need a fitness plan that helps you maximize your minutes with guidance and support to keep you motivated and on track for meaningful results.

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