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Get the tips, tools and support you need to live healthy, move daily and live happy

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You know you need to exercise, but...

  • you're not sure where to start.
  • you struggle with being consistent.
  • you're feeling overwhelmed with your current situation and lacking motivation.
  • you miss the gym and aren't sure how to make fitness happen at home.
  • you've been injured in the past and are hesitant to start again.

Any of these sound familiar? I get it. For many people exercise can feel daunting, intimidating, or like a chore. Especially in the face of COVID-19 and the challenges it brings. But I promise, you can do it in a way that feels empowering, rewarding and fun, and more importantly, you don't have to do it alone.

Obtaining regular physical activity can help you feel stronger, live healthier and happier by...

  • providing you with a healthy outlet to reduce daily stress.
  • improving mood, mental focus, energy and sleep.
  • boosting your self-confidence.
  • supporting mobility, stability and reducing your risk of injury.
  • lowering your risk of disease and supporting a healthy waistline.

And you can reap all of these great benefits without spending countless hours at the gym. Online fitness makes exercise simple, satisfying and sustainable, with customized workout routines supportive of your goals, lifestyle and needs. Level up your wellness with the guidance, tools and suppport from a coach invested in YOU.

A unique health & fitness program delivered to you directly through the revolutionary Trainerize fitness app, with a database of over 900 exercises to accomodate your unique fitness level, and more being added daily! Through the app you can easily access your workouts, create a daily habit plan supportive of your goals, chat with me directly, post updates, track your progress, and access a variety of other health & fitness tools. And you can even sync Trainerize with your favorite healthy living devices such as your Apple watch, FitBit, and MyFitnessPal.

Your customized program includes...

  • Time, attention and support with a personal assessment to kick off your program so we can discuss your unique needs and goals and design an exercise plan that best supports you.
  • A 4-week customized workout plan with step-by-step video instruction to walk you through each exercise, tailored to your fitness level and mobility (no fancy equipment or space needed!)
  • Warm up and cool down stretching routines to use before, after and in between your workouts to support your ability to perform and recover optimally, relieve muscle tension, improve mobility and reduce the impacts of daily stress.
  • A holistic approach to wellness, with additional resources and tools to support your healthy habits in areas of nutrition, mindfulness and sleep support.
  • Ongoing guidance and support both through your Trainerize app and our special member's-only Facebook community where you can meet and connect with people LIVE so you'll always feel supported and never feel alone.
  • BONUS: access to the Online Fitness Club, a private member's-only Facebook community where you'll benefit from extra tips, tools and LIVE trainings, while getting a chance to meet and connect with other people, so you'll always feel supported and never feel alone! ($400 value)
  • BONUS: one of my Got 10 Minutes? online fitness training videos, a special low-impact workout designed to strengthen and lengthen the whole body from your yoga mat in just 10 minutes! ($50 value)
  • BONUS: my brand new Mindful Meditation Guide with three methods to get you zen and stress free, plus strategies to help you stay positive, find the silver lining and reduce daily stress, shifting your mindset so that you remain present with a sense of calm and control in your current situation, more committed than ever to fostering your health and happiness. ($50 value)

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4-Week Online Customized Health & Fitness Program  


Get the tools and support you need to eat healthy, move daily and live happy.  

  • Mind + Body Elite's Online Fitness Program is a month-to-month membership. At the end of each month you'll have the opportunity to renew your subscription, keeping your current low rate, and receive a new 4-week customized fitness program you can easily access from your mobile device. 
  • Getting moving when and where it works best for you, with access to your workouts, stretching routines and a variety of healthy living tools - anytime, anywhere.
  • Each month you'll receive a customized workout that considers your unique needs and goals, so whether you have access to fitness tools and equipment (such as resistance bands, free weights or cardio machines), or you'll be using your body weight, a yoga mat and chair, you'll be all set.
  • Get a personalized daily habits plan to support your overall health and wellness goals, today and tomorrow, so you can eat healthy, move daily and live happy even during this difficult time.
  • Communicate, post updates, and track your progress in real time.
  • Benefit from the support of an online community where you can meet and connect with others, so you'll never feel alone. Because we're in this together.  

What happens after 4 weeks?

At the end of each month, you'll have the option to renew your subscription. Each month you subscribe, you'll receive another new customized fitness program along with the ability to set new daily habit goals, with access to a variety of health & fitness tools you can easily access from your mobile device. 

Lock in your low rate of $99 a month, which includes:

  • A new customized fitness program. 
  • Warm up and cool down stretching exercises.
  • Healthy habit planning in areas of nutrition, mindfulness and sleep support. 
  • Access to a variety of health & fitness tools.
  • Ongoing access to the Online Fitness Club, our private member's-only community. 

*No long term contracts or commitments. Each month you will be given the opportunity to cancel or renew, locking in your special low rate with the same great perks. 

Hi, I'm Coach Mindy!

I'm Mindy Garrett, a certified Precision Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, with a B.S. in Health & Wellness who's helped hundreds of busy men and women achieve their health and fitness goals so they can get strong, lose weight and feel great. Fitness is one of my true passions and I have experienced firsthand what a difference it makes - physically and mentally. Now more than ever we need healthy outlets to stay healthy and strong, reduce impacts of daily stress and keep us moving forward.

I know how discouraging and overwhelming it feels when the world around you is changing and your normal day-to-day routine is no longer available. While I believe our current situation is temporary, I want to offer you a solution, provide you with the tools to stay health and strong - body and mind - with a few added perks to make your life a little easier. This is something you can control. 

"Anyone else getting stir crazy at home? I’m in the beginning stages of getting healthy and fit, so even missing one week at the gym is not ideal.

So, I worked with my trainer, Mindy, to set up our first virtual workout! Using Zoom video, she was able to coach me through the different workouts while ensuring I had correct form the entire time. Great alternative until I can go in person again. I highly recommend reaching out to Mindy if you want to do something similar!"

Jennifer D.

"I’ve had the pleasure of training with Mindy Garrett of Mind and Body Elite and, I have to say, she is the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with! This lady really knows her stuff! She pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself and introduced new ways of moving to me. I highly recommend working with Mindy if you want an efficient, quality, cross training type of work-out that’s fun! She rocks!”

Kris N. 

"Mindy has been helping me get back into shape after gaining 15+lbs over the course of a year and half. I've lost about 8lbs in about a month. I have never felt better in my life. Mindy keeps you motivated throughout the week, reminding you to stay focused, eat right, drink water and get on with your daily exercise."

Hodan B.

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4-Week Online Customized Health & Fitness Program  

Get the tips, tools and support you need to eat healthy, move daily and live happy.

You're worth it.  

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